This is a plush blanket that is 60″ wide and 80″ long and fits a queen size bed mattress essentially. This blanket is soft and silky! Very comfortable and looks amazing with bright colors and great detail. Perfect to snuggle up with and sleep under. For the picture you’d like, there are currently a total of 31 pictures to choose from! (Updated Nov 24, 2020) Please review this video: for the gallery of images available for this blanket. Once you have decided, make sure to note which picture it is and place it on your order. All of the product images here are the pictures superimposed on the bed with Photoshop, but I expect it to be very close to this in the final product as shown in the video and the Lena and Gracie blankets. This is to give you the idea of what it will look like. Shipping is extra and will be calculated at the time of shipping the product and you’ll need to provide your shipping address. I think I’ll have to get a hold of you after purchase to let you know what the shipping cost is if you’re outside of the US and Canada.

Weight .5 kg