Case Studies

When training horses or rehabilitating them from an injury, we take a lot of notes, pictures and video. If we have permission from the owner of the horse, we try our best to make a case study to post up in hopes of helping others. Our case studies can take anywhere from just a month to a year or more to build up depending on what is happening with the horse.

Each of the case studies below catalogs the progress of each horse we have had the time to document online and are updated regularly. If the case study is finished, then that is noted at the end of the article, if not then we’re still working on it. For us a case study is the accumulation of information gathered while working with the horse, and owner sometimes, to what is usually a clear goal. It might be simply clearing up a hoof problem, to doing everything from groundwork to saddle training and further. Each horse is different which makes each case study different and interesting all the same.

If you have any questions on the case studies below, please don’t hesitate to call or send an email as we’re happy to answer.