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How We Can Help

Helping yourself and your horse get to where you want to be is our job now. Once we think we have a good idea of the problem then we work to fix it or give advice if it’s out of our hands. We are not veterinarians, so if there are issues regarding surgery or medicine then we would advise back to your veterinarian but outside of that we likely can help or one of our contacts can. A lot of times we see hoof problems and we would step in to advise on trim, shoes or boots. If you have a preferred farrier then we may refer back to that person but most of the time in that kind of case we find that it’s the farrier’s work that has caused the problem. That’s an awkward situation and would always be open to how you would want to resolve that based on our explanation of what we see. Barefoot trimming is something we regularly do and also advise on boots and application.

If we’re not seeing a hoof problem then we would then start working on what movement is causing problems. There are also many times that a horse may be stiff or under worked on one side or having problems with their back. This can also probably be from tack and saddle fit, which we also can help you assess and work to resolve through exercise and massage.

In essence we step in with a critical eye to see what the horse is doing and what may be happening when riding. Replicating what you are having a problem with is a requirement and we would take our time to get that as we’re not interested in forcing the problem out. We’re coming to help the horse primarily and in turn that will help you. We believe it’s a requirement that you are involved at every step of the way in all rehabilitation and training for your horse. If there is a behavioral problem then it’s even more important that while we can start the training, you have to finish it and then stay consistent with it. Otherwise it will likely just come back. Your participation is mandatory and we’re there each step of the way to make sure it’s successful.

What’s the First Step?

Give us a call and talk to Graeme to setup a time to visit you. We’re located in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada and can travel anywhere in the lower mainland. If you are out of town or country then we can arrange through our system to accept video and review that for you. We would then offer advice or ask for different video and then help you from there, all online or over the phone. We also have a live broadcasting system that if you have network connectivity at your location, then you can send to us live for immediate feedback on what you are doing. This helps those that aren’t as accessible via normal driving distance.