Nutrition and Diet

Here at Stable Horse Training and Rehabilitation, we consider it very important to talk about diet and nutrition for any horse that comes under our care. There are so many things that are going wrong with horses due to this and some things that just could be made better with a slight change in diet and either adding or removing certain feeds and nutrition. With diet comes with the concept of, “what are you feeding?” and when we look at nutrition and diet for a horse we always do a fecal egg count test to make sure the food that you’re feeding is getting to the horse and not intercepted by worms.

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One of the services we offer is a custom diet plan for your horse that allows you to simply open up a container, put it into a bucket, add water and serve. It’s ready in minutes. Based on what we see in person, what you tell us and likely what comes up with getting blood analyzed (if it’s in the budget as a vet is required for this) we will put together a plan for a diet that we think would help your horse. While there are a lot of “all in one” buckets of nutrition out there, we have always been hesitant on those and generally try not to recommend them as they are usually served incorrectly and you really have no idea how much of anything is going into a meal.

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Along with minerals and nutrition, we consider it mandatory to make sure that the horses in our care constantly have something to eat. This is accomplished by the use of our custom slow feeders that are constantly full to manage that goal. Horses that go without food for hours on end are very prone to ulcers and nutritional deficiencies. There are few things worse for a horse than to starve two times a day while waiting for the next meal to show up after wolfing down the last.

As our horses are constantly eating, we make sure to feed tested hay. Hay that is low in nutrition or too high in sugars can be very detrimental to them. Feel free to ask us anytime about what hay we feed and the test results of that hay as we always have it on hand.

Our online system is always available for you to check out what is going on with your horse and what we have done, which makes keeping track of things very easy. While this page is about diet, we also include any trimming or body work we have done along with any training required. We keep detailed notes on anything we see or do which makes for great records if you needed to pass information on to others, like your vet or farrier or possible purchaser.