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Welcome to the Stable app page! Here at Stable Horse Training and Rehabilitation, we believe that keeping track of what you and your horse do is very important to look back on if your horse gets in to trouble and what you might be doing to make things better. It’s of course also invaluable for normal everyday riding where you want to track and share with your friends what you are up to. Here you can find out more information about what Stable is and how it can help you with your horse riding. Stable is available on the Google Play Store here:

Overview of Stable

Stable is an advanced application to help you monitor and keep track of your riding and horse’s health. If you find yourself trying to remember when you rode, where you rode, how long you rode and which horse you rode, then Stable is a must have. If you are looking to keep track of your vets, farriers, health notes, deworming and fecal egg count test results, then Stable is again a must have. If you want to be more diligent and measured in your riding for competitive purposes then Stable will be for you as you can keep good track of each and every ride and everything about your horse’s health to go with those rides.

Whether you are in the English or Western disciplines of riding, Stable is the go to application for keep track of your horse’s health and riding history. It can be as basic as just tracking the date and length or down to the distance and exactly where you rode either in the arena or on the trails. Stable has the option to track your location at a detailed level for arena work or more generally for longer rides, like endurance races or practicing. Perhaps you even just want to remember the trail you went on for future reference and how long it took to compare to the next time. This is where Stable really shines. You also have the ability to take a screenshot of that or just share your ride with any of your friends that also have Stable installed.

The preconfigured routines within Stable can also help you stay on a defined set of exercises for muscle toning and building. Out of the box Stable currently comes with 3 exercise routines for you and your horse to use as a warm up or just a daily activity. There is the option to set a timer for your ride if you are limited in time, or want to be detailed on exactly how long you ride to monitor muscle and/or therapy progress. Or maybe you just lose track of time and need a reminder of when to hop off. Stable is the app for you.

Stable allows you to add as many horses as you’d like and track each one of them separately. You can add many details including their picture, name, birthday, weight, gender, color, breed and some notes about them. Once added, it’s off for a ride or add even further information regarding their health.
Every horse added to Stable has a Health Journal area that lets you keep track of your vet and farrier visits. You can also monitor your fecal egg count test results and if you needed to worm your horse or not. The results of the next fecal egg count can be recorded again to compare if the deworming medicine used was effective or not. Over time this can be valuable information on the health of your horse and what to do if something comes up.

Stable is the one app helps you have a single point of organization for all your horse’s needs, information, rides and health. Whether you do freestyle riding, timed riding or particular routines, Stable will help you track that and look back on history to see progress and where you and your horse may have improved or just stayed even.
If you’re a horse leaser then having those that lease your horse use Stable when they ride can help you understand what is happening with your horse when they are riding. The progress of your horse can be watched without being around and you can give feedback later for review by all.

To see even more detail on how Stable can be used, please see our help page:

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Key Features

The main features of Stable that you likely would use are:

  1. Tracking of rides with time, distance and location
  2. Monitoring of your horse for farrier and vet visits
  3. Monitoring your horse’s health with the deworming and fecal egg count test section in the health journal
  4. Sharing rides with your friends

Check out the how to use the Stable app page here.

Getting Started

The first thing you would do is add your horse, or multiple horses if you have more than one, Stable does not limit how many horses you manage at once. Once you have done that, you can then just head out on a ride! It’s that easy to use, Stable does all the rest of the tracking work once you press the “Start Ride” button. You can of course fill in more information about your horse, and farrier or vet visits lately and take a picture of your horse as it’s thumbnail.

Going for Rides

When going for a ride, Stable allows you to do a simple freestyle type of ride where you just track it for time, distance covered and location, or setup a timer to let you know when you have reached a particular point in time to stop. There are some preloaded routines to help with warming up and exercising your horse as well.

From that point you have the option to save your ride, or not. If you do then you’ll be able to look back over time to see if you are getting faster, stronger, farther and better over time. You’ll also be able to share that ride and information with friends, coaches, or the horse owner if you are leasing or just borrowing a friend’s horse.

Stable is a single point of organization for all of your horses needs, simply add all the pertinent information of your horse as well as your veterinarian and farrier you want available kept together. In the notes section you can add any special information regarding feeding and health.

You will use Stable to achieve greater use of your time when working or riding your horse as all your ride and exercise history will be at your fingertips. If you are a horse leaser you can track what the person who is leasing your horse is doing with your horse and track their progress without having to be at each training session.

Multiple Uses for Trainers, Stable Managers and Barn Owners

For horse trainers, you can use Stable to track each and every horse you train and send those training sessions to the horse owner for feedback, review or just as an up to date set of information as you move along in the horse’s training. Stable allows you to add as many horses as you have and you’ll always be able to go back and review the patterns or trails you have done with that horse.

Stable allows you to do the following, and then some:

Add horses to manage and track
Add name, color, breed, gender, age, notes and a picture for every horse you put in
Add vets and farriers to a quick list
Add vet and farrier visits per horse to keep track of your horse’s health
Add notes
Track and manage rides
Pick routines to do timed and structured rides, or just a casual freestyle ride
Share rides with your friends, coaches, leasers and horse owners