Here at Stable Horse Training and Rehabilitation, we find it’s absolutely critical to use all technology on hand to help understand and diagnose what could be going wrong on a horse. While a very trained eye can catch most things going wrong, the average person can’t and we freely admit there are things that completely baffle us until we look at pictures, high definition video and/or high speed video of the horse to catch what is happening.

Within our toolbox for helping horses, we have the ability to use many different technologies to assess gaits, movements, positioning, hoof and whole foot condition, teeth and eyes. We will never take the place of a qualified veterinarian, but instead we use technology to spot and assess what could be going wrong and how to address it. In this toolbox we have high speed video cameras and very high resolution video and still cameras. When we combine this with our video editing and publishing tools, we then have the ability to share with the owner and anybody they want to see as well, the footage and pictures of what we are seeing and experiencing.

Check out this video taken with our 4K video drone:

This technology has taken us from standing around “looking” at a horse, to micro-examining at a frame by frame rate of how your horse might walk, trot, canter or gallop. There are some activities, like jumping, that happen so fast that you might never see it in a hundred times of watching. This is where we might step in to bring out our cameras to capture those moments in time to analyze carefully later. Each piece of footage we can take of a horse not doing what we expect, helps us assess possible problems and solutions.