Videos and Media

Here at Stable Horse Training and Rehabilitation we take a lot of video. A lot.. Some end up on the cutting floor but a lot end up in the hands of owners or for ourselves for review and understanding of what is going on. It’s very difficult to see yourself and sometimes your horse when there is trouble going on when riding or doing groundwork, and some problems with horses for conformation and stride are just easiest to see when on the screen.

Along with review videos, we also take many many videos of horses in both good and poor conditions. Explaining or showing how a horse is not feeling well, in pain or walking badly due to something. In some cases the videos we take are destined to be training videos to show how some things can be done. While there is no one way to do work with horses, we believe that what does make it on to the site here is great learning material for those that are interested.

So please enjoy the articles below as they are collected here based on if they have videos in them and aid in understanding the articles themselves or what the article’s topic is on.