Taking Care of Horses : Winter Water

A very important thing to think about in the winter when the temperatures go below freezing, is keeping horse water from freezing over and becoming inaccessible. This happens a lot and sometimes the solutions can actually be quite quick and simple, it just takes a moment to help the horse out.

[responsive]Horse Water Tub Ice Prevention[/responsive]

Here is a video talking about the easiest and cheapest way to wrap and cover your water containers that inhibit the ice production. This is NOT a fail safe way to keep things from freezing over, the only thing that will do that is a heater. Outside of that you can only slow things down to keep up with it.

Either way, horses needs lot of fresh, clean water on a daily basis. When it freezes over, they can’t get any and it’s a recipe for possible poor health that could lead to colic that could lead to death. All preventable.

Here is part 2 of that with a follow up of using heaters too: