Taking Care of Horses: Cleaning Hooves Part 1

In the following video, I talk about cleaning hooves and some simple things to consider and think of when doing so. I think that hoof picking is an absolute integral part of horse husbandry and allows a few minutes of the day (hopefully) where you can ask your horse to trust you to take one of it’s legs away.

Cleaning out the hooves has many positive effects, including the trust of course, but for physical health it allows you to inspect the hoof for bruises and abscesses, worn frogs or sole, embedded rocks or sticks and in general gives you an opportunity to inspect the hoof for good health.

This video is likely just a part one in a series of parts about taking care of the hooves within the series of videos we’re putting together about taking care of horses. Anybody getting into horses should be able to get something out of this, and anybody already in horses may find a tidbit or two as well.