Working on Making a “Bomb-Proof Horse”

This video is a small portion of some drone test footage we shot over the weekend with one of our horses. Some horses don’t worry too much about drones and some really get scared, this horse is on the scared end of the spectrum and it was really important to introduce her to it in a safe manner. Acclimation through safe repetitious actions is the best way to increase a horse’s confidence and help them build up to be what many people call a “bomb proof horse”

Going through some of the footage of this day I found this one where we did an overhead shot and I was just mesmerized by the footprints on the ground so I thought I’d post up so to share it and share the story behind it.

Drones are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Rules are kind of lax, and even if they were in place it would be very hard to enforce them. That is all irrelevant too if somebody flies a drone near your horse and it scares them and they run off. Acclimating horses to drones is something I think is integral to their growth, no different than doing work with tarps, buckets, bags, trail riding, dog acclimation and so forth. It’s just another item to work with them on. This is just a small clip from just one day of starting that process and we’ll be posting more in the near future of that progress. From just the 30 mins we worked on this day, we went from a horse that would bolt if allowed to, to one that would tolerate the drone doing a 360 around her while walking along calmly.

A good day.