Groundwork: Using Direction and Drive for Movement

In this short video I talk about what direction and drive is when doing basic groundwork with a horse. The horse in this example has a bit of trouble moving her feet around a tarp and on a tarp and as such is a great candidate for practicing drive and direction.

The very basics of this whole exercise come from the circle work and half circle work. Asking or driving a horse around you will translate into the saddle as you would do the same action in the saddle. First leading out with a rein and then applying pressure with the feet. This groundwork has my left hand asking to go forward by leading it out and then if the horse doesn’t go I use my right hand to swing the rope to drive the horse.

It is important to consider that pulling a horse has no place in groundwork 99% of the time. It’s about direction and drive and I thought this particular video would be a great example of it as I certainly could have pulled the horse onto the tarp but it wouldn’t have the same effect. It also does not translate into the saddle as you can’t pull your horse forward from the saddle.