Taking Care Of Horses: Safety and Importance of Fly Masks

It’s fly season again, so it’s time to talk about fly masks and why they’re good for the horse. In this video I talk about the safety and importance of putting fly masks on horses as it can be a dangerous event if the horse is shaking it’s head a lot when you’re trying to put it on. Understanding how to put it on easily and quickly is important and knowing what size it should be for that right fit is also covered.

Flies can be a real pest to horses as they drink from their eyes and chew on wounds. These irritations to horses make their lives harder and more stressful. While it’s completely natural to have flies all over the place and be affected by them, helping them out any way we can is just good horse husbandry practice. Also, for wounds, it’s very important they are either covered or protected in some way until they are healed up as flies can really gather on those spots and the horse will either rub it or chew with their mouth, which of course just opens up the wound again. This in turn slows down the healing process, attracts more flies and negatively affects the horse’s health. All things I talk about in this video.