Grooming Horses

This is what it looks like to be downwind when brushing a horse during shedding season.. In 4K! Just in case you were wondering 🙂

It’s really important to brush your horse quite often, especially before a ride. When you have that time to run your hand over your horse’s body before saddling, you can check for any problems like rain scald, scabs, cuts or bruising. Any of these things can be sore for the horse while riding and it’s important to be aware. Doing this during shedding season can be very messy and you practically need a mask to keep the hair and dust out, especially being downwind of it all. Anyways, this is just a short clip that maybe only horse people will truly appreciate. Unless of course you have some other kind of hairy animal that when you touch it in the spring it makes a huge mess all over the place. That’s the same too I think 🙂