Road Safety With Horses

This video talks about what to think and look for with horses that are scared around roads and vehicles. I show two different horses that give two completely different reactions to traffic that is both loud and fast. Each one teaches and shows horse reactions and behaviors that can tell you what will happen if not addressed.

It’s important to talk about road safety with horses as too many people end up in accidents either by the horse getting out of control and taking off, or directly getting hit by a car which can lead to fatalities for both horse and rider. As we go into the warmer season here on the west coast of Canada, more and more riders will be on the road to get to trails, so hopefully this video will help start to recognize behaviors that are safe and unsafe.

The exercise that is shown in this video isn’t for a beginner or somebody that isn’t used to being around horses as it can be very dangerous. Always exercise extreme caution around horses as they are strong and powerful, when afraid some horses will do just about anything to get away. If you’re not comfortable assessing your horse or working with them to get them used to vehicles and traffic then make sure to have somebody who is used to it work with them for the safest approach to helping them as possible. When it all works out you’ll have some happy trail riding!